Denise DeNeve, Acting-Director

Welcome to the 2015 winter, spring & summer edition of our Online Program Guide. As you consider the many opportunities offered here in the year ahead, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude for so many of you who took the opportunity to participate in one of our Courageous Reimagining Sessions here at the Centre. Your hopes your dreams and your practical ideas reflect strongly on how the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre has impacted your lives.

Indeed, you have embraced the opportunity to “Discover Your Centre”.  And we are profoundly grateful for you having chosen us to be a part of your journey. During the next few months we will be reviewing all the input we have received and from that come up with solid strategic planning for the future.

Some highlights that we are offering at present include:
Our Spiritual Direction Team which can provide for you a trusted spiritual guide to accompany you on your journey through life. Individuals from all walks of life, of all ages and of many Christian traditions seek Spiritual Direction. There might be many reasons why people seek Spiritual Direction, but in the long run, the common factor would be a strong desire to know what God is asking and to try to recognize signs of God's presence in the ordinary happenings of daily life.

Retreats - spend time in peace and tranquility to deepen your relationship with God and become more aware of God's creative activity within you. The experience can be as brief as a few moments in a busy day or as long as a month or more. There are a variety of Retreats available at the FCJ Christian Life Centre including interactive retreats such as Indigo & Thread: Spirituality in Your Hands, Quilting, Journaling; Twilight Retreats; Silent Retreats, Guided Retreats etc. Each type is unique onto itself, but all offer the Retreatant the same serenity and hospitality.

Opportunities to engage in also include:

  • Conscious Aging; Retirement and it's Creative Journey; Contemplative Living; Creating     Kind Corporate Structures; Book Study; Various Retreats; Prayerful reflection - there are small oratories and a large chapel; Spiritual Direction, etc.

Our conference facilities are also available for groups wishing to experience our warm, welcoming environment and friendly, caring staff along with superb home cooking. The atmosphere is one of quiet reflectiveness that has been practiced here through the years and continues to form the essence of the Centre. The accommodations at the Centre are wide and varied ranging from comfortable rooms where small groups can gather, to sizable meeting areas for larger numbers.

Please take a few moments to browse through our website to see who we are and what we have to offer.

Denise DeNeve, Director

Our Mission Statement
We are a Centre of hospitality and hope where God can be experienced in a changing world.






The FCJ Christian Life Centre is a corporate ministry of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus.