Denise DeneveOur mission is to plant seeds at the gates of hope- from where does this hope come?
It comes from our desire to enter into relationship with God, with others and all of creation. The FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre has as its foundation and inspiration, the Charism (Spirituality) of the Society, Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ)
One of the directions articulated by the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus during their most recent General Chapter states “Our evolving universe so rich in mystery, beauty, chaos and diversity, pulsates with the subtle vibrancy of the Spirit of God – God who longs for intimacy and interconnected relationship.”

How does this interconnected relationship offered to others at the FCJ Centre extend hospitality to non-profit groups and individuals looking to 'discover their centre' ? We believe it is by the many offerings we make available: Spiritual Direction, Retreats, Workshops, Counselling etc., but perhaps foundationally it is our attempt at living the gospel in “ordinary radical” ways to enter into the context of other people's culture, traditions and lives through our Faithful Companionship.

Our programming shows that we understand people have a particular responsibility to engage with and reflect upon the profound and sensitive issues in today's world in the light of faith. Of course our aim is also to continue to touch the lives of all who avail themselves of our conference facilities by providing a warm, welcoming and peaceful atmosphere.

May the sacred web that unites us with each other, with our God and all creation draw you to search for meaning in life. Perhaps we here at the FCJ Centre can help ignite within you the desire for interconnectedness and support you to be open to the Source of All Being, Our God within and among us!
Please take a few moments to browse through the following pages to see who we are and what we have to offer.

Denise DeNeve, Director


Our Mission Statement
We are a Centre of hospitality and hope where God can be experienced in a changing world.