Denise DeneveDear Friends,

One often hears the word Charism when visiting Retreat Centres whose foundation is the mission and ministry of a Religious order.  What exactly is Charism?  The term refers to the gift which God gives to an individual or group.  This gift is handed down through the centuries and enriched by all who are called to live it. The charism of each religious order is the particular way in which its members are called to follow Christ. Since all Christians follow Christ, the charisms will have many elements in common, but the way in which these elements are emphasized gives each religious order its unique feel. All religious orders have been asked by the Church to rediscover their original founding charism and make it come alive in each culture and in every age.

The FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre is rooted in the gift of the FCJ Charism given by God and first lived by Marie Madeleine D’Houet, the foundress of the Society, Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ).

God reveals God’s self in and through our life experience.  The Vision of the Centre is to unfold the legacy of Marie Madeleine D'Houet and its relevance for our time.

Marie Madeleine has left an inspiring legacy as reflected in the following:
Legendary hospitality; interconnected relationships;hope in our shadowlands, in the gaps and gullies where the lost, forsaken and forgotten lie hidden;compassionate presence;channels of hope, love and mercy; pilgrimage of discovery into God revealed in the cosmos and actively integrating this new consciousness into every aspect of our living; more love, more union, more compassionate solidarity; transformative relationships; contemplative presence; fresh insights beckoning usto wider horizons; Living out of surprising abundance causing us to see with neweyes, and to treasure even smallness as gift

We seek to unfold this legacy and its relevance for our world by:
Sharing and celebrating the story of Marie Madeleine in life-giving, creative and challenging ways; Offering hospitality to people of all faiths and none; encouraging interfaith relationships; Providing counseling and a place of welcome and peace for all who seek compassionate care and tranquility; Providing opportunities for people to deepen their spirituality with reflection, prayer, ritual, spiritual accompanying, education and culture;  a place where people can come, and members of the Resource staff from the FCJ Centre, can go out to provide nourishment for life’s journey; Creating an eco- friendly environment where right relationship with self, others, the cosmos and God is nurtured; Facilitating virtual pilgrimages to become aware of our interconnectedness; Whole - heartedly living out of abundance and treasuring even smallness as gift.

We engage with the issues of our time, stand in solidarity with the oppressed and seek to build a more inclusive community.


Denise DeNeve, Director


Our Mission Statement
We are a Centre of hospitality and hope where God can be experienced in a changing world.